Wassersteiner Wasserlasser

Wassersteiner Wasserlasser

Wassersteiner Wasserlasser

Since 1996 the Wassersteiner Wasserlasser are part of the Bad Dürrheimer Fasnet.

The hare consists of three parts: The trousers, the jacket and the mask/head part. The trousers consist of two single-coloured legs. One leg black, the other blue. The jacket and head part have a spot-like pattern, where the blue and black spots alternate. The number of spots on the hare depends on the size of the person wearing the hare.

The headpiece has cutouts with red borders for the eyes. It overhangs the shoulders and connects to the jacket at the front and back.

The colours black and light blue were chosen deliberately. The black refers to the stones and the blue to the water in the name of the Wassersteiner Wasserlasser.

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